Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Closes Down One of Africa’s Largest Pages With Almost 1.5 Million Fans After Nearly $20,000 Was Paid For Ads, Facebook Offers No Explanation

Was it a mistake of the bot-powered algorithm of Facebook’s system or human error? That is the question many fans of one of Nigeria’s biggest pages (Abiyamo’s Page: ) are asking after one of Nigeria’s most exciting pages suddenly vanished. According to the admins of the page: 

Our Page With Almost 1.4 Million Fans Closed By Facebook Without Any Explanation, It Is One Of The Largest In Nigeria and all of Africa

Here is the link to Abiyamo Page: 

Abiyamo page was one of the largest in Nigeria with almost 1.4 million dedicated fans and followers across the globe. The page has been on since 2013 because it was closed by Facebook FOR NO REASON. We were posting as usual when the page went off all of a sudden. 
Millions of Nigerians depend on Abiyamo page for news, entertainment, very rare historical articles that we painstakingly write & a lot more. Abiyamo is one of the most visible brands in Nigeria, it is a household name. We deserve to even know why it was shut down. That page had over 1.3 million followers and we never had any issues since 2013. All appeals sent to Facebook have met with absolutely NO RESPONSE. 
We are insisting it is for no reason because the Facebook team did not give us any reason for shutting down the popular page causing untold hardship to both the page admins and their loyal fans.
Facebook has refused to reply all our enquiries, we spent about $20,000 on Facebook promotion ads for the same page. Why was the page closed down?
No warning.
No customer care. 
No phone support. 
No email support. 
No care in the world for users.
Absolutely NOTHING. 
Yes, we know Facebook is not ours but we have not committed any offence, we abide by the rules and follow all the Community Guidelines. SINCE 2013. For Facebook just go clamping down on pages at will WITH NO REASON is not the best way to sustain (on the longterm) a social media platform that is based on the goodwill of the users. Just as Facebook itself is a source of livelihood for Zuckerberg, same with the pages that admins sweat to run. Facebook is what it is today because of the people in it. Abiyamo fans and admins are shocked and they want the page back.

We have not done anything to deserve this very painful and harsh treatment, kindly reinstate our page.


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