Katakata In The Spiritual Kingdom As Jesu Oyingbo’s Son Adebola Odumosu Is Arrested For Defiling The 14-Year-Old Niece Of His Lover, He Also Did At Least Two Abortions For The Victims, I Did Not Rape Her Na, He Cries Out

One of the sons of the late self-proclaimed messiah Jesu Oyingbo, Adebola Odumosu has been arrested by the police for allegedly defiling a teenager.

Jesu Oyingbo's Son Arrested

Odumosu is being held at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba, where he allegedly admitted to having sex his lover’s niece, The Nation reports.

Trouble started for Odumosu last week after he allegedly leaked the information of the crime he committed some years ago to a United Kingdom-based blogger.

The information was to spite his estranged lover, Folashade Olatunji, a business rival to the woman he leaked the information to.

A police source said Odumosu allegedly committed the offence at Alakuko, when the victim was 14-year-old.

Aside defiling her, it was gathered that he procured at least two abortions for the teenager before his lover’s family knew he was having unlawful intercourse with the victim.

It was gathered that both families resolved to sweep the crime under carpet to save the teenager from stigmatisation, an agreement Odumosu allegedly broke after his relationship with Folashade failed.

He was said to have resorted to blackmailing Folashade and extorting her. It was gathered that the suspect allegedly held the victim’s 87-year-old grandmother hostage at a flat rented by Folashade in Lagos and threatened to keep her locked up unless certain amount of money was paid.

The source said:

“The suspect is in our custody. He admitted to have had sexual relations with the girl who was a teenager at the time. The matter was reported at Alakuko Police Station but both families resolved to settle it quietly for the sake of the girl.

“At that time, he was in a relationship with Folashade. They met on Facebook and started dating. He was in India and Folashade in United Kingdom (UK). I think Folashade moved to India and they were planning to get married.

“Along the line, things did not work out and Folashade returned to the UK. They were planning to have introduction when disagreements started and they went their separate ways.

“What angered Folashade’s family was that the suspect went ahead to leak information about the rape to a UK-based online medium. The owner of the medium is a rival to Folashade and she ran the story. The whole thing they were covering up became public and that was how Folashade wrote a petition to the Police Command and the suspect tracked.

“He admitted that he had sex on several occasions with the teenager and that it was not rape because they both agreed to it. He forgot that sex with teenager was a crime under the law. He also admitted that the teenager had abortions for him. He denied leaking the information to the online medium but we have evidence that he was the one who did it.”

Police spokesman, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole said the suspect would be charged to court.

7 Responses

  1. sam fash says:

    this girl can lie ooo

  2. Jide Taiwo says:

    Abiyamo what kind of blogger are you?get your fact right before you blog l know the genesis of the story and a whole lot of Nigerians know the incident firstly the said lady was not a teenager as you’ve said she was 19 at the time of the incident secondly was it Bollyray that diverging her? Why is Folashade still sleeps with Bola after the incident? This is a pure blackmail and character assassination as a blogger and educated one can one rape a lady by sleeping with her several times to the extent of aborting 2 times as being quoted by you.Formerly l respect your blog but sincerely you have not done justice to this fake stories

  3. Aderemi says:

    According to the law, rape occurs when one person penetrates another with their penis without the consent of the person being penetrated.The main legal issue is CONSENT..If Folashade’s niece consented to sexual intercourse,then there is no case..If not, the judge will look at implied consent like seduction, Folashade’s niece was the person that seduced this guy and even tried to win the guys love by revealing her aunt sexual escapades to her boyfriend. On this note, there is no case in a reasonable civilised court..All Folashade will get is a negative publicity for the three of them.
    On the issue of age..the lady is mature at 19…There is no football age in Nigeria..We all know the age the student graduated from secondary school and with this the truth will come irrespective of instablog9ja deliberate stupidity by attempting to twist the information by lowering the age in order to attract people to read your blog…one thing is sure now, you have proven that you are one of the blog that are circulating fake news of social media..Your’s is to bully and you are addressing your blog to people with low iQ.
    Calling a relationship that bore three pregnancies rape,is stupid and untruthful…but saying sleeping with one’s girlfriend niece is immoral i can accept….but is it not immoral for shade to be sleeping with the guy’s brother too? and she dated many guys while still dating Bola…You bloggers should mirror your society in a positive way…..well Nigeria is seen as a corrupt society that is why instablog9ja could report a news that am sure is against his conscience…who cares as money rolls in….

    I still want to believe that Abiyamo will do more reasonable research to get the real truth of this report..if not you will loose your credibility as a intelligent blogger that you used to be.

  4. Oluwa vindicate mi says:

    Na wa o…been laughing since I started reading comments here..what a world!

  5. Detola says:

    How finally the truth prevailed. What this guy did is wrong

  6. Beverly says:

    The news is everywhere . This guy is dangerous . Let assume it’s not a rape how can you sleep with a 14 yrs old . It’s wrong he’s a paedophile

  7. information1 says:

    How can a reasonable and a right thinking guy impregnate his gf niece.. Oga ooo This world don finish

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