Is Nigeria Learning From What Is Happening Presently In Venezuela Or We Are Waiting For A Miracle As Usual?

Venezuela has the largest reserves of crude oil in the world but its people cannot even buy food with its poverty rate now at 82%. Nigeria needs to learn from the tragedy that is going on presently in Venezuela and the earlier we learn the better. Agriculture is the key, diversification of our economy is the master key or else, what is happening in Caracaas today will be a child’s play if we Nigerians do not diversify our economy quickly and efficiently enough. All those youths who can go to the farms but are busy looking for jobs in Shell and Chevron, good luck to you. If you read the book ‘Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil’ by Peter Maass you will understand that the amount of jobs created by the oil industry is INCREDIBLY TINY. An entire oil facility can be manned by just 50 people. The oil industry is not a job spinner. There is no job in that sector but our people will not listen and will be looking for miracles. Issokay, kwantunu.

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