Have You Ever Heard Of Lilith, The Very First Woman Created And Wife And Lover Of Adam Before He Married Eve?

HAVE YOU HEARD OF LILITH, the very first woman created and wife and lover of Adam before he married Eve? Lilith was Adam’s first lover and wife, and she was created at the same time and from the same dirt as Adam unlike Eve, who was created from one of Adam’s ribs. Lilith later divorced Adam after she refused to become obedient and subservient to him and after she entered into a relationship and enjoyed hot sex with Samael, the archangel of the seven heaven, she did not return to the Garden of Eden. Samael remains a member of the heavenly host and a dutiful servant of God and he still lives in the seventh heaven but he is the chief angel of the fifth heaven. Do you know Lilith?

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  1. Femi Oyedepo says:

    Simply because this was not written in the Bible means its false?? Or because some people came up with a story to contradict the holiness of God by saying Angel Samael committed fornication and he still lives in heaven means its true??? I would love to think twice before believing this

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