Can Nigeria Challenge Any Superpower In The World The Same Way North Korea Is Challenging The United States of America?

Truly, knowledge is power. North Korea is able to challenge the most powerful force in the Solar System because of their knowledge of nuclear physics. When we tell Nigerians to let their children read chemistry and physics instead of cramming Bible and Quran that cannot manufacture a spoon not to talk of a missile, they will say Abiyamo yaff come again. The most powerful nations in the world are powerful because they know more than anyone else as far as science and technology is concerned. Africa is backward because we are almost zero when it comes to innovation, science and technology. Can Nigeria dare the United States the way North Korea is doing? Where are our own nuclear scientists in Nnewi, Katsina and Oshogbo just as North Korea has in Pyongyang, Yongbyon and P’unggye-yok? Where are they? Na so so shosh, moshalashi & shrine full the ground. Where are our libraries, research complexes and knowledge cities in Nigeria?
In North Korea, research & development efforts are concentrated at the State Academy of Sciences, which runs 40 research institutes, 200 smaller research centers, a scientific equipment factory and six publishing houses. The North Korean government considers science and technology to be directly linked to economic development. A five-year scientific plan emphasizing IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, marine and plasma research was carried out in the early 2000s. A 2010 report by the South Korean Science and Technology Policy Institute identified polymer chemistry, single carbon materials, nanoscience, mathematics, software, nuclear technology and rocketry as potential areas of inter-Korean scientific cooperation. North Korean institutes are strong in these fields of research, although their engineers require additional training and laboratories need equipment upgrades. Under its “constructing a powerful knowledge economy” slogan, the state has launched a project to concentrate education, scientific research and production into a number of “high-tech development zones”.
Knowledge is power indeed. While other nations are planning how to live on Mars, our own people are arguing over which imported myth is true. Diarisgod.
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