MAIZE: Few weeks after planting, the rains have been very favourable and the maize plants are coming out really well. The next round of formulations will be applied soon. A NAIRA Member in person of Mr. Abdulwadud Adeshina Musa aka Abu Summayyah based in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State was on the farms to inspect and he was very glad with what he saw although he was too shy to face the camera….lol! You will see him in the photos below. On behalf of the entire crew, we want to specially thank him for taking time to visit the farms and offer his wonderful feedback, suggestions and recommendations. We still have like a week more and we are taking the advantage to plant even more maize so those who are interested in having more maize can still let us know. All maize farms are on point and we are very glad with progress being made.

CASSAVA: As said earlier, this is the week of cassava planting and after a week of preparation, we have finally done the procurement of cassava inputs (TME 419 white starchy variety stems) from IITA. Cassava stems will land the farms today and planting is to commence without delay. Land preparation for cassava has been going on well and we will be right on track with it as outlined in our plan. We are really going big with cassava, cassava slots still open and available for those interested. Oh, I almost forgot, we are going to manage a 200-hectare site we secured in Oyo State solely for cassava but the entire project belong to a single NAIRA Member (a female). However, we are working towards integrating as many members as possible into the project, especially those who are interested in going into the cassava industry. Work starts on it on Monday 11th September by 9:00am. Our goal with this project is to complete the entire chain of cassava production with full post-harvest processing.

RICE: Yesterday, a new update came and if things go well, planting for rice can begin this month of September. What this means is that rice can start earlier than the October we were projecting. The only thing we are waiting for is total recession of the flood waters and once that is done, rice operations will commence immediately. We thank our rice farm group members for their kind patience. PLEASE AND PLEASE, this is dry season rice and it is the best, we are doing back to back meaning a total of two seasons straight, those who are interested in rice should PLEASE show interest ON TIME. We will also be doing in Nasarawa State as well, land is being allocated at the moment to interested members and PLEASE all those interested in rice should notify us on time. Rice will be the largest chunk for this quarter and it will be nice if everyone can be a part of it. Since we can commence the rice earlier than we were planning before, we may convert the paddy scheme into full planting instead but whatever conclusion we reach, we will let you know. For those who already have rice farm groups, you have no issues whatsoever, all your land allocations have been done, same with those who signified interest for massive hectares. Please if you are planning on doing rice, talk on time. Dry season rice has more yield meaning more profits and there is no flood to spoil operations.  I will personally advise us all to invest significantly in rice. Rice is gold.

YAMS: We will focus on it once we are done with rice. Land is ready and those interested should signify on time.

WHEAT: All members involved in wheat have been adequately informed, land has been secured already for wheat and work should start in October. Crop still open to those interested.

GENERAL: Initial discussions have been held with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Nasarawa State Government with the sole aim of getting as much benefits as possible for NAIRA Members and whatever conclusions we reach, everyone will be briefed. Security arrangement is on point, round-the-clock security watch in place on the farms, further mechanical operations continue on the farms and work is still going on in the background concerning credit facilities and other forms of assistance from international organizations, updates will come as we progress. As for our farm shed, more materials were bought to expand it and photos will be sent once it is complete. Oh, if you have not paid your annual membership/registration dues, kindly do so on time.



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