They Said My Aunty Is Too Old To Marry But Jehovah Did It For Her Even In Her Old Age, Delay Is Not Denial Says Nigerian Lady As She Celebrates Her Aunty Who Got Married To Her Young Lover After Years of Delay

An elderly lady just got wedded to her beau, it was posted on Facebook by Adaobi Joevita who is a niece to the elderly lady. She pens down her congratulatory wishes as she tends to pass message to others who are expecting things. In her post, she wrote delay is not denial, she said many has given hope on her aunt getting married but has God will have it, she finally got married. She then encouraged others not to loose hope but keep trusting God.

She writes:

Adaobi Joevita wrote delay is not denial..
Of a truth it can be delayed but can never be denied. Looking at her aunty many will say that she is too old and can never marry again
Now I want to encourage someone here, I don’t know what you are passing through and what is it you have been praying God for, you have prayed and it seems God has turned a deaf ear to your prayer, Nothing is moving well in your life, Your mates have this and that and they are doing well in whatever they are doing
My dear I want to encourage you this morning, Heaven has heard your prayers already and it remains the manifestation
Even if the whole world sees it as impossible case, I want to assure you that there is a man called Impossibility specialist and in his book #Imposible_is_nothing
He is the God of eleventh hr
The protocol breaker
Jehova overdo and he is not partial
He said that if he can provide for the birds of the air what about us that he created in his own image and likeness
If he did it for Sarah, IssacHannah, Ruth, Solomon, David, Esther, Job etc
You own case is not different
Never give up
It can be delayed but can never be denied
Happy married life to the newly wedded couple
God bless your union in Jesus name Amen


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