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UPDATE on N50,000 for 10 People, N5,000 Per Person #GUARDIANANGEL UPDATE (CASE REFERENCE CODE: 4E)

N50,000 for 10 People, N5,000 Per Person #GUARDIANANGEL UPDATE (CASE REFERENCE CODE: 4E)

Name: Donation of N50,000 for 10 people, N5,000 each

Sponsor: #GuardianAngel from South Africa

Reference Code: 4E

Total Sum: N50,000

Total Recipients: Ten (10)

Status: Complete

Date Completed: 18th June, 2020


  1. Private school teacher and mother of three in Ikorodu. Funds helped with foodstuff for her family.
  2. Young student based in Lokoja, Kogi State, needs the money as a petty business capital.
  3. Ibadan-based mother with a son, funds needed to start a petty business.
  4. Mother of two in Enugu facing hard times, funds will help with food stuff for her children.
  5. Private school teacher and single mother of three based in Ife, Osun State, funds for food.
  6. Lagos-based mother, funds for welfare.
  7. 29-year-old widow from Lagos with two children. Funds will help mainly with welfare of her kids.
  8. Badagry-based private school teacher with three children. Funds will help him get foodstuff for the family.
  9. Private school teacher based in Ibadan, funds will help her get foodstuff, especially fruits. School is closed now so no salary.
  10. Civil servant based in Ikotun, funds for family welfare.

All the funds have been transferred to all the Recipients and they have all acknowledged. The #GuardianAngel has also been fully briefed with the feedback of all Recipients.  


10 replies on “UPDATE on N50,000 for 10 People, N5,000 Per Person #GUARDIANANGEL UPDATE (CASE REFERENCE CODE: 4E)”

Abiyamo please I need little money for my business, I want to start a small business so that I can assist my family and help in school.
God bless all the guardian angels

Abiyamo, pls help I and my three kids am a single mum, life have not been easy sometimes to eat is a problem, pls help me, so I can get them food, so I can be going out to hustle for their daily bread, thanks and God bless you.

Abiyamo pls help me with it, I’m a student and my Mumm is a caterer (olopo) but since lockdown as begin there is no whr to go, so is difficult for us to eat no family to help, pls if you can help us with it will go along way, at least we will use it to buy food stuff, my Mumm is always crying whenever bcos she can’t afford to feed us and we are 3 all of us are still schooling, Abiyamo pls help us so my Mumm can smile again, I dnt want her to cry again plss.

I’m a single mother of 4kids and a private school teacher any amount will go a long way. God bless you

Please help me I am a single mother of 3 please I am a business woman things has not been easy for me and my children we find it very hard to eat please business is down no money to start all over again please help us😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

I solicit for myself became my mother stays with me and I need financial help to start a business. My mother is suffering from brain illness and I want to take of her. It been a while I have get her drugs but if I can start any business I will b able to carter for her and my kids. I am a mother of three but my husband lost his job two years ago. I will b glad if I am pick.

Abiyamo please kindly rescue me in this raining season,ive sent several msgs before now but no response,please I need 3bundles of iron sheets to complete my roof. , please save me with any amount,1is 16,000 ,God will cover your nakedness too 🙏🙏 3133845144,akinbode Susan, first bank, tunmise from Ibadan.

Pls abiyamo I’ma private school teacher and a mother of family is under some financial constraints, no food no money,I’ll be happy if I’m assisted,my account details olagunju toyin hamdalat uba,2137005033.thnks

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