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Straight Trouble As Lady Accuses Hospitals Of Turning Caesarean Section To A Profit Making Venture

Lady accuses hospitals of turning C-Section to a profit making venture, gets lambasted.

A lady on Twitter that goes by the name Lolo Cynthia has accused medical doctors and hospitals of deliberately carrying out Cesarean section on women for the purpose of making more money. She said she got this information from local market women who told her they prefer visiting traditional birth attendants (TBAs) because they found out that the general and private hospitals around them deliberately carryout operation on them to deliver their babies so as to make money.

foto: Sven Torfinn. December 2009. Ethiopia, South Omo province, Male district, Dioso village. Almaz Dalsha, Health Extension Worker in Doiso examining Gantuto Gazai, pregnant woman, during home visit. They are discussing health issues and tips for a safe delivery.

Contrary to the thumps up she expected, many Twitter users lambasted her for generalizing from questionable sources. Others accused her of been a “Hebrew Women Crusader” and a contributor for Nigeria’s maternal mortality records.

Why are hospitals making pregnant women give birth through CS even when they don’t need it?? Speaking to local women at Ikorodu and I keep hearing that many of them are going to traditional birth attendants because the Government hospitals keep saying they need CS.

It’s more expensive and the women complain that they don’t even wait for them to have contractions… It’s straight to CS. This costs 100k plus and many cannot afford it!! I have heard of this in the private hospitals as well.. Is this a way to extort money from people?

Ezinwanne Udeogalanya@EUdeogalanya
Replying to@Lolo_cy
X-rays on a pregnant woman? X-ray to view the cervix? Huh *scratching my head * I wish a radiologist can tell me how safe it is to expose a foetus to x-rays to view the “cervix” …I want to believe dat it was the “pelvis” he was checking on the x-ray oh!
Because I am wondering why not use an ultrasound to see the cervix? Anyway, what do I know I’m just a pharmacist

Bantama Boy@pkyekyeku
Replying to@Lolo_cy
The 2nd Dr made you take an X-ray

? Better run go find the 1st

Replying to@Lolo_cy
There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING EXTRA, that a doctor in a GOVERNMENT hospital stand to gain from recommending an unnecessary Caesarean Section for women who do not need it.
If this was a private practice setting, you could argue that they want money for their pockets, but not in a government hospital. Let him/her do 15 Caesarean Sections in a day, the take home is still the same at the end of the month.

Replying to@Lolo_cy
This your tweet is already responsible for the death of many mothers and babies. I hope your conscience will let you be. Rushing to misinform the public when you are totally ill informed on an issue is just low. How do you know they don’t need it? Keep adding to the problem

Replying to@Lolo_cy
Why not try to get more information on this before tweeting? Tweets like this are reasons the mortality rate for mothers and new born infants will fail to reduce.

Hayatu Ibrahim, MD@RealHayatu
Replying to@Lolo_cy
You should be ashamed and feel responsible for the death of any woman that may likely take this misconception of yours serious to refuse accessing the care she needs to survive. Doctors are not butchers, they are human care givers who are trained to save lives not torture them.

Daily Box@dailyboxng
Replying to@Lolo_cy
Listen, you witch. That’s how our baby died. An idiot consultant at a well-known general hospital decided no CS when it was VERY CLEAR, that was what was needed. At 42 weeks, the poor baby died in the womb. The fool started begging. I don’t trust doctors today because of it. “Hebrew Women Crusedar”.

Bongi Any@ubongnwawoMD
Replying to@Lolo_cy
One woman is told that she cannot try vaginal delivery for certain reasons, she goes home to tell her friend but doesn’t tell her the reason. Her friend out of fear and lack of knowledge decides to visit the TBA… this is the trend. It has nothing to do with the doctor, period!

FUFU BABE@louisaagunbiade
What do they know? How can they say that they don’t need it ?? Are they doctors?? Do they know what the doctors have seen ?? I actually blame doctors sometimes cause they don’t take time to explain, these women need the explanations even if it’s to speak pidgin or local dialect.

Replying to@Lolo_cy
Doctors are professionals. All cases I have witnessed doctors suggest a CS were all complicated cases. I have also seen situations where women are told they would need a CS but they get up and leave the hospital, go somewhere else and die/live. No doctor “makes you” do a CS.

Leo pantro@Leopantro
Replying to@Lolo_cy
I recall a woman who had a difficult labour ( baby was transverse), doctors suggested CS, she was of the “not my portion” crew. Called pastors who prayed & blasted for 12hrs. Had to be rushed to theatre when she fainted. Husband was called in to see baby when they opened up.

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