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Peace Mass Transport Passenger Narrates Her Ordeal And It Is So Moving

Peace Mass Transit Company (PMT), I hope this gets to you.
Cutting a cake into two unequal parts, sharing the tiny portion among ten persons and keeping the larger portion for yourself alone would be termed unfair.

What Peace Mass Transit Company(PMT) did to us goes beyond unfairness. It’s outrageously inhuman and cruel.

Part 1

The journey started out fine (if you call fine leaving for Calabar some minutes past ten in the morning all because they were “fixing” the vehicle). 
I’d paid #7300 as fare(from Ibadan to Calabar). And I’d paid an extra #1500 to a Ludlum who insisted on extorting from passengers on account of luggages. 
We got to Benin around 4pm or so, 
and there, the ‘fixed’ vehicle broke down.
Initially, I thought nothing of it, my optimistic mind viewed the driver as competent and reasonable. I was wrong. Oh, was I so wrong.
After standing in an uninhabited place for three hours or more, with dismal thoughts of despair running through my mind, I started panicking. It was getting dark.
I have a friend in Asaba, the closest city to where we were stranded. At this point, I did what any reasonable human would do in such circumstance, I proposed to my friend Ebiti,who was traveling with me, that we go stay in Asaba with my other friend and continue the journey the next day. We related the conceived idea to the driver and he said, “I’ve called for a bus, I don’t know what’s taking them so long. It’s getting dark, so you can go but come very early to our main park in Onitsha with your tickets, our Manager will arrange for another bus to take all of you back to Calabar.”
Note; this was already some minutes past 7pm in a desolate area. All the men had hightailed and boarded vehicles to Onitsha, leaving five women and three kids alone with a driver who looked so disoriented and more confused than a child burdened with the choice of ice cream or chocolates. 
At some point, I and Ebiti left for Asaba with the driver’s number, a passenger’s number and a promise that a vehicle was coming to convey the other women and children to Onitsha.

Part 2

We spent the night in Asaba which was a better experience than sleeping in PMT park in Onitsha (been there, done that. It happened on a different journey and I tell you, it’s a terrible experience. The mosquitoes there can bear me witness). 
However, Up untill 9pm, we kept calling the driver and passenger for update and as at that time, the bus they were expecting hadn’t arrived. The passenger (a woman with two young kids) was hysterical. With her kids and no cash, she was scared. Their numbers stopped going through as at 9:12pm.
The next morning, 4:35am, we were already on the road looking for a vehicle to Onitsha. 
Forget our discomforts, forget the expenses and focus on the threats to our lives. 
We stood there for few minutes and finally boarded a bus with a driver who insisted on being an ass. We arrived Onitsha 5:30am.
Last stop, PMT Onitsha. We met some persons in the park and related our story to them. They directed us to a man who they claimed was in charge (though I highly doubt that). After the story and blah blah blah, the man who I think has zero emotional IQ acted like we were nuisance and treated us as such. I took his shitty remarks in good faith. It was so unlike me, but I really did. Going there was pointless cause he redirected us to another PMT park still in Onitsha, clamming that buses heading to Calabar had a different park. So we boarded another vehicle to take us there.

Part 3

6:10am, we were at the said park. We went straight to the main office and narrated our ordeal to the staffs. A man with a very unfriendly frown and an ugly looking mustache replied, “all these people sef, una wan come worry person this morning. I’ve told ur people that were here that they should go meet the manager at the other park or call him and complain.” 
As an after thought he added, “or pay another transport from Onitsha to Calabar.”
I would have replied with something nasty(although E

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