No Sex Before Marriage: I Caught My Girl Agreeing To Have Sex With A Man In A Hotel, How Do I Break Up With Her, Nigerian Man Asks For Advice

I met my beautiful girl through facebook last April and we started relationship after meeting face-to-face.

With immediate effect, i told her my future plan that all things being equal i will be a pastor and this relationship is NO SEX TILL WEDDING (I am 30 still a virgin thou and she really told me she isn’t a virgin again, of which i have no problem with). She has visited me five times spending atleast a week yet no sex with her, knew all my family and as to caring for your girl, i am trying my best but here is the problem.

1. Spiritual: I pray and fast to know God’s mind, but no yes or no but my parents went to pray and saw negative though i wish to damn the consequences and marry her but her behavior towards spiritual is bad. No prayer and reading bible. She can sleep eh na from 8pm to 8am.

2. Competition with my family.

3. Ineffictive communication. More like interview.

4. ‘Unfaithfulness.’ I have caught my girl agreeing to meet one man in hotel for sex and that one asking him if she moans

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