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Nigerian man says any woman that cannot live with his mother is a Jezebel

– A Nigerian man has declared that he cannot marry a woman that does not want to live with his mother – The man stated that any woman who is uncomfortable with living with her mother-in-law is promiscuous –

Nelson Nkemjika Anyaoha said his wife should be his wife alone in the bedroom only A Nigerian Facebook user has declared that he would not be marrying any woman that will not be comfortable with staying with his mother. The man explained that such an act means the woman is devilish and promiscuous.

The Facebook user identified as Nelson Nkemjika Anyaoha shared a post on his page, talking about what he believes his wife should be and act like. According to the man, a woman who cannot live with her mother-in-law is devilish and promiscuous. He also noted that his wife is supposed to be his wife in the bedroom only.

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