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N50,000 For Five Single Mothers & Widows (N10,000 Each) Sponsored By Guardian Angel In The United Kingdom

Case Reference Code: 4J

If you are a single mother or a widow WITH A PRESSING NEED for AN ISSUE that N10,000 can help, please drop your request under this post or on the Abiyamo Help Line HERE. Funds will be sent directly from the UK-based #GuardianAngel to all selected Recipients. Thank you very much.

97 replies on “N50,000 For Five Single Mothers & Widows (N10,000 Each) Sponsored By Guardian Angel In The United Kingdom”

Abiyamo Good evening
please i seriously need it
I’m a single mom with two kids and since the lockdown began I’ve been unable to hawk my wares and it’s hard to fend for the kids
Abiyamo please consider me this time
I’ve been commenting on every guardian angel post but my comments are not considered
Please consider my request

Please Abiyamo I have posted and posted for help ,I am a single and jobless feeding is really hard right now
10k can help me start pastries business,will fry snacks and sell thanks
God bless our guardian angels

Abiyamo please I really need your help, I am a single mother of five living in Sango ilorin kwara state. my husband abandoned my children and I nine years ago and I have been struggling since then to take care of my children alone. I am private school teacher and since this pandemic I have not received any salary since April 2020. My house rent is due since December 2019, and I have not been able to get money to pay, my landlord has told to pack out if I can’t pay. I don’t know what else to do. My last daughter fell and broke her right leg few days before the lockdown,am still owing the sum of 23,000 that I borrowed for her treatment. But I thank God that she has started walking now even though she leaps a little. Abiyamo, please feeding is a big problem for us and am really tired I don’t know what else to do. Because of the problems my health has become worse, I keep having ashmatic attacks. I can’t afford to buy inhaler so I have been using franol tablet which is also affecting me because of side effect. Please sir/ ma, I need your help. Even if I can start a small trade with the money I will appreciate if I am picked.

Good morning sir first of all I like wat ur doing and may GOD bless you I will not say an a single mother but am expecting my first baby with not support I work at Abuja airport as a cleaner but I have to stop cuz of my pregnancy and covid 19 issue I wish and I pray I can be among the beneficiary cuz my date is due and I have nothing yet for the baby

Good evening to you
I am not a single mum nor a widow but I have a pressing need. I need to get drugs for myself,precisely drugs for antenatal. Please kindly help

Abiyamo my mother is a widow left with five children she has been taking care of us right from small and things has been very hard for us,the money can start a petty business please GOD BLESS YOU
oriabure joseph oluwatoyosi gtbank
07087622028 That her contact

my mother is a widow with three children. she is an environmental sanitation worker (lawma). she is been owed 3month salary nd to eat is a big problem for the family. Abiyamo, pls help us. we are starving.
dis her phone number 08059348395
Azeez omowunmi
wema bank
God bless d giver abundantly

Am a single mother,I have a freezer,I will used the money to start a pure water and drinks business, God bless you

Abiyamo, am a single mom of one daughter, I am a private school teacher and no salary for now, I need it to get foodstuffs to eat with my daughter, it’s really saddening seeing the little girl hungry most times, please I truly need it and wld appreciate if I am chosen

Good evening abiyamo,please for God sake consider my request this time,I’m a single mom n no salary since March as a private school teacher and it hasn’t been easy. God bless you and the guardian angels.

Abiyamo God wil continue to be wit u and ur family as u are putting smiles on our face u wil Neva knows sorrow pls help me I need money to pay my landlord dat 10k wil go a long way

Am a single mother of one, I really need this money so badly because my landlord gave me n my son one week to pay for the house rent. And feeding has been so hard. Pls I need this money. May God bless the giver

Pls help me things is easy not for me trying to take care of two kids since this lockdown I have not work today was hell for us to feed plz help me I will really appreciat

Abiyamo, Pls I would like to recommend a single mother of two. To live from hand to mouth has been difficult. She is into locust bean business but there is no fund to maintain it anymore. She would be glad if she benefits from this 10000 naira. I have evidence with me here. Thanks in advance

Please help my aunty that lost her husband on the 20th of March she is left alone with 2kids and she don’t have any source of income for now, her facebook name is ZENE OSEEBI and her late husband facebook name is OKORI ZENE you can check for verifications thank you

Good evening I am a widow I lost my husband late January, I am a single mother of 4 and I am cateral and am not working due to the covid 19 case pls help me I really need you to help me out to feed my children. As I am talking to you my children just manage the little garri we have in the house this afternoon there is nothing to eat tonight even tomorrow morning no means pls help me
God bless you in advance

Abiyamo pls im a single mother….I asked for help while I have birth ….I have birth through CS ….I currently need little amount to start up raw food business.. I will be glad if my request is gtanted

May God bless the giver, really need this to support my cake and, it will really go a long way, oluyede yetunde, access bank 0768829024

Good evening ma,am a single mother of 2 kids and am a private school teacher but due to the Corona virus pandemic, have not been working to feed myself and my children.. Kindly help me out,more blessings in Jesus name…
Ladega Omolade. Access bank

Pls Ma I need this money to enable me pay my daughter home lesson fee,and buy some food at home for her plsssss. 2077691725 UBA

Abiyamo am a widow with 4kids and am also working with one private school and this lockdown as change my story now to eat is the problem. I was own 2 months salary before the lockdown. Abiyamo Pls help me am fed up with this situation. And am also praying ๐Ÿ™ to God that my guardian angel should locate me and establish me with small business for Christ sake so that l will be able to feed my children are send them to school pls don’t let my situation affect my children future pls am scare of this true to God. Plsssssssss abiyamo gbami ooo. 4132099519 Adewoyin Funmilayo Modupe Eco bank. Thanks in advance.

Please Abiyamo its quite fustrating for me now as I have to beg to survive I have plans to start a small business and this will goba long way for me and my 3kids as a single mum
Please Leg my guardian angel locate me.
Gid bless you

Good evening Abiyamo, i am a single mum, a private school teacher and also an has been difficult since the lockdown began๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ฅ.i will really appreciate if i can be a beneficiary of this to use in buying foodstuffs and necessary drugs because i am so sick since almost a week now, i am an asthmatic patient.i will be grateful.Thanks to my guardian angel.

I’m a single mum with 2kids, things have not been working out well since the pandemic broke out, its not been easy with the kids. I really need it to get foodstuffs, it will last for a while. I only have #200 left on me this night, people have not been making new hair so its really affecting us. God bless you Abiyamo and the giver.
Lamidi Rukayat Abiodun

God bless you pls am a widow with a six months baby..pls I need foodstuffs diapers and baby breastfeeding on empty stomach since yesterday evening pls help me pls am seriously starving…..
Am from Benue state but I reside in bayelsa state
2711050858 eco bank obande Paul

Account number is 0168974893.Gtbank. I have evidences here with me. May Allah continue to bless you and may you never know pain in your life

Am a widow with 3kids, my husband died since 4yrs now, And ever since then life has being devastated. I have to hustle from one place to another to meet up and provide for my kids. I have no job now. I beg from here and there just to survive with my kids. I need money seriously so that I can start up a little business with it. Thanks my acct number 2215334822 zenith bank Anita chibuzor.

Please guardian angel help me, am a single mom of one ever since I graduated no job but I continue with option b, am making hair but ever since the rain has started no sales, I collected microfinance they are disturbing me to pay back, please help with me.
0165533682 GTB bankole Olufunke Temitope

Good evening Abiyamo… Am a single mother of one since 2 weeks I have bn broke sometimes I don’t eat and am still breastfeeding my child I had to continue with d breastfeed cos I don’t have money to get her food. I will be glad if am favour thank u.
My account details
0013852410 access bank
Farouk aminat Ayobami

Good evening ma,am a single mother of 2 kids and have not working due to the Corona virus pandemic because am a private school teacher . Kindly help me out in terms of feeding with my kid..
More blessings in Jesus name
Ladega Omolade 6688087398 access bank

Good evening Abiyamo .. I’m a single mother of two…. If am favored … I will be very grateful…. Since the beginning of this lockdown things have not going on well with me … I need to buy food to the house so that my children can get something to eat…. We are starving ….. I’m a teacher and school have not resume

Good evening abiamo, please am a widow and a private school teacher. Please since match no salary. Please I can use the 10k to start egg business in my environment so that I can feed my children. I will sell I’m crates and supply to people selling food in my area. Please help me, God bless all givers. Acct… Ovuasah omowunmi 0142191872 Gtbank.

I am a widow with 3 kids, hope this help get to me. may Almighty God replenish the giver pocket in a billion folds 0039323939 union bank banjo olayinka O

Good evening Abiyamo, thank you for all that you do. I am neither a Widow nor a single mom but I humbly recommend a young known helpless widow who is a single mom of two. I’m sure this offer will go a long way in easing her pains. Kindly put her into consideration I will be available to give you more details, God bless you.

Good evening @Abiyamo, please I need it for food stuff. I’m single mother on one. If the 10k can be split into half so another person can benefit would be good. Just rice,beans,potatoes and small golden morn will go along way. Please also job opportunity, I wont mind.

I’m a single mother of 4kids and also a private school teacher pls av pity on me so i can use it to start something doing. 0719094095 Akinpelu odunola Access bank God bless u
Abiyamo pls let me one of the beneficiary this time ๐Ÿ™

I’m a widow with 3 kids,it has not been easy since this pandemic I work as a Nanny in private school,please I need help to get food stuffs for my kids may God continue to bl
ess the guardianAngels and Abiyamo
Adamolekun Fayoke 3022729639 Polaris bank

Please am a single mother of two.i will need the money to add to the one I have to pay for our rent that have due since april.i will be very grateful if I can benefit from this.God bless and enrich the give.
Iyiola Ololade HAMINAT first bank account number 3117751993.

Good evening abiyamo,I am single mother of a boy,I with use it to buy foodstuffs as we don’t have to eat again, God bless you

Good evening @Abiyamo @guidianangels.. Please I need it to get food stuff. A single mother of one. If the 10k can be split into half so other can benefit woukd be great. Just need to get some rice beans potatoes ad little garri. Please God bless all. If I can get Job offer also, I wouod appreciate.

Abiyamo pls am a single mom, currently down with typhoid and loss of blood,pls I really need this ,and the ceiling of where I stay with my daughter is leaking ,pls consider me ,God bless you
1235890673, Oreola Olamilekan Qazeem Access bank

I’m a single mother and I need money to buy food stuff, pls help me, and I will glad if my request is granted

Abiyamo pls am a single mom, currently down with typhoid and loss of blood,pls I really need this ,and the ceiling of where I stay with my daughter is leaking ,pls consider me ,God bless you
1235890673, Oreola Olamilekan Qazeem Access bank

Please I’m a single mum of one
I really need this 10k to add to the one I have to buy oven for my snacks business
I use stove for baking
Will appreciate if I can be selected
God bless you
Opeoluwa Esther Ayomi
0179326898 GTB

Am not a single mother nor a widow, but I have a pressing need, no food in the house, and my husband is still in pastorial school it has not been easy, GOD bless the guardian AGEL Account name :MARIA UGOCHUKWU GODSWILL,
Account number : 2262407128
Bank name :Zenith bank

Am a single mom and am taking care of my son all alone, I only have grandparents and they’re very old, abiyamo as I type this, we ate nothing today, just garri that we soaked, my son cried to bed, I want to start a business no matter how little so that I’ll be able to take care of my son and I, am in Nsukka Enugu state
Please may God’s grace speak for me, I seriously need help,
God bless you abiyamo and God bless you our guardian angel,
Hete is my number for verification 09068093852
Thanks ๐Ÿ™

Good evening ma, pls am a widow with a son, pls help, things are difficult, business is slow, we need to buy food stuffs, God bless there give in Jesus name and bless u too. 0221408910(roselyn okolosi)gtb

If other people are being selected,,,I pray I will be one of them..I’m a single mom with two kids..I have tried countless times but I’ll still keep trying.. I really need the money so I can be able to attend to some of my kids basic needs.. I’m a private school teacher.. these are my account details 0027600923 Hussain Rashida GTB..God bless the giver ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Am a stuggling single mom please I have a 10 months old son I sell airtime from my phone and also sell dry kpomor but because of the pandemic I have spent all capital to feed is even an issue but if I am lucky to get this 10k I will use 8500 to buy quarter bag of dry kpomor and use 1500 to fund my wallet I use in selling airtime from my phone. From the little profit I make I can be using it to feed me and my son and also meet some of our daily needs, please help please
Access bank

Wema bank
Asaolu folakemi

Posted and posted
House rent expired since March
Feeding is palava
Maybe today I might be lucky ๐Ÿ˜ญ
08037212388 my number

Abiyamo, I will be glad if chosen, I need to enrol my son for lesson, and I don’t have any money to do that, he’s will be writing Common entrance exam, but I don’t have money for lesson, I’m only trying my best to teach him the Little I can, pls Abiyamo, I’m a single mother, pls even if it’s just this one you will do for me, I will be grateful to you and the guardian angel all my life, I have so many issue, but this one make me cry secretly always, pls Abiyamo, even if it’s for a month, we will be grateful ๐Ÿ™, thanks.

Good evening Abiyamo, am a single mom I need the money to get food stock for me and my daughter it’s haven’t been easy for us since this lockdown period and my business have not been moving well cause I don’t have enough capital to make it big I sell fruits at the roadside pls help a sister in need before hunger will kill my daughter she is my sauce of joy. God pls let my GuardianAngel not pass me by.
This my number for confirmation 08140215113

I am a single mother of a 7 years old girl, abiyamo pls come to my aid, things has been really hard on us this period, there are loads of debt ranging from house rent and feeding, pls abiyamo have mercy on me and my daughter. This is my account details 0124249407, farotade adenike oluwaferanmi, union Bank

Oh,am late.Plz help a struggling mum of 2 kids re really starving infact dey slept on empty stomach with no hope tomorrow morning๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ.no help from anywhere.dis money will really go a very long way for us.plz put a smile on my kids face with dis money,I will forever be grateful.
Ogunkoya tolulope balikis
Sterling bank
Dis is my number 08169269978
God bless d Guardian Angels

Good evening #Abiyamo and guidian angels God bless you all
To be sincere am not a widow,am not different from single mom because I am the the one taking care of my kids by myself and God, my husband business is not doing well๐Ÿ’”all the responsibility are on me๐Ÿ˜ขcurrently my business is about to collapse because of this๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญpls the 10k we really go along way๐Ÿ™I we be glad if I get this money, ejo ma/sir asiri yin oni tu

Abiyamo please don’t let me die of debt and hunger, please I have explain my situation over and over but still no reply. Please am a single mum with nothing to feed on, my sister I stay with is a private school teacher and no salary since lockdown, we have been feeding on debts all these while and we don’t have anything, ordinary garri, we don’t have. Please have mercy on me please. Name Adekolu Elizabeth Eco bank, 5280005667

Abiyamo good evening, plz help me, am a struggling single mother of two girls. Things are very tight for us, I don’t have any food stuff to feed my girls. Am depressed pls help

Please Sir Abiyamo, I really need help to start up something or at least buy food stuffs, Am a young single mom fighting very hard to raise my child alone since I don’t have anybody and I can tell you that it hasn’t really been easy for me, sometimes I cry myself to sleep all bcs i couldn’t afford a day square meal for my 8 years old daughter let alone providing her a good life that she deserves so she doesn’t have to suffer & go through all the pains I have been through in this life, please don’t look at my smiling face on the profile but help me cus those smiles hides alot of suffering, loneliness and pain… God bless you and all the guidian angels for your good works๐Ÿ™

May God bless the giver abundantly and answer our prayers too this is for my mum ,a widow, 62yrs she is been sick battling with ulcer and cannot afford to run the necessary test and medications needed and things are not well with me to be able to provide for her please help us Abiyamo Adepena Taiwo Olufunmilayo first bank,3040117170…Facebook name is Adepena Taiwo smart

I’m a single mum with 2 kids ma I’ve been struggling it’s not been easy I can start selling minerals and purewater and also make snacks to sell and feed my kids. God bless you

Guardian angel pls help a struggling single mother of 2kids. Presently, I can’t boast of 10naira or a cup of rice or garri at home. Don’t know what
to give to my kids 2day. I will be grateful if am favoured this time to get some foodstuffs for my kids. God bless u richly

Good morning ABIYAMO, may Allah bless you for helping the need.

I am not a single mom not a widow, I need help regarding my shop, I need shelf for showcasing my products, I deal with skincare n hair products, please help me achieve my goals ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ I live in osogbo, the shop is located at ZONE 8 BEHIND CAPITAL HOTEL, OSOGBO OSUN STATE. I have pictures of the shop, I will post it on the page. Thanks in advance

God bless the guardian angel more. Please I wished am lucky in this one, am a single mother, a private school teacher. With the situation whereby we don’t know when we will resume back to school. I really need this 10000 to start small business, I have a freezer, will use the money to buy drinks, bottle water and pure water to sell in my neighborhood. .I promise to update as the business is moving. This will be bringing little income for me. I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much @abiyamo for this opportunity. Location: Osun State
Bank : Polaris Bank: 1017460237.
Oladimeji Bukola Seyikemi
Phone no: 08188512755.

Please help me I am a single mother of two please one of my son is din please help me I don’t have money to take him to the hospital please safe my son for me ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Abiyamo pls help my Mumm is a single mother of 3, since lockdown as started it as affect her work, so to eat is difficult for us, she always crying whenever she can afford to gv us food, no family or friend to help, pls abiyamo pls help my Mumm I beg you.

Good morning Abiyamo pls I really need this to start a trade my mom stays with me and I am a mother of three. Been d one taking care of the family since my husband loss his job. I sell things in a school in badagry before this lockdown but both the capital and profit had been spend on foods. My mom had health issues that why she is with staying with me going to three years now. Pls I need some trade to do

Abiyamo my mother is a widow since 1996 and she’s over 60 please she leaves in saki her phone number 08055783046 she’s starving, she retired as a cleaner @ Baptist medical center saki no entitlement been private hospital please you can have her picture if you don’t mind she’s starving abiyamo please help my widow mummy am in Lagos no job please for God sake am pleading on her behalf

My name is epere conscience am a young widow with two kids and I have an accommodation problem the house am living has been sold and I was given till June ending to vacate the house I don’t want my property to be thrown out please I missed the other offer please I need it to add to the one am saving for the house

Abiyamo please I beg of you.. Am a single Lady with a lot of responsibility on my neck and things have been so hard for me I don’t mind any amount..I beg you in the name of God

Please help me, I want to use it to buy NAN and drugs for my baby she is having boil boil all over her body, God will bless you more you will never know sorry over your children 0043891168 agada Sunday onoja access bank

Abiyamo pls help me I am a widow and work in private school we have not received salary due to lockdown. Pls I need to pay my house rent. Any amount will be highly appreciated. God bless u ma

Abiyamo God bless u as you are helping people. Pls any help will be appreciated. I am a widow and I work in a private school as a teacher. Due to the lockdown we have not been paid. My house rent is due and the little business I am doing is not getting much sales of gain. Pls ma any help ma. God bless u. I have 2 children

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