How Woman Became God, The Incredible Story Of Malaika Agba, The Nigerian Who Claims To Be The Almighty

MALAIKA AGBA, The Nigerian Woman Who Claims To Be God Almighty

Who knows her? This is the story of one of the most feared women in Nigeria. And yes, people do worship her in total submission. This is the story of Malaika Agba.

‘MOST SENIOR ANGEL’: Malaika Agba during her days of youth.

Around 15 years ago, I watched a video clip that remains indelible in my mind. I still remember very clearly the songs chanted by the worshippers in the video.

It was a programme by the late investigative journalist, Kola Olawuyi, and it featured a woman who claimed with all seriousness that she was God Almighty, that she created everything that has existed, all that is existing and all that will exist. I bring to you the story of Malaika Agba (meaning: Most Senior Angel), the Nigerian woman who claims to be God Almighty.


Malaika Agba is known as sheer terror and resides on Alafia Street by Isolo Road Junction in Mushin, Lagos State in southwestern Nigeria where she holds what I will call an absolute control over her followers and worshippers while simultaneously casting a shadow of gloom and doom upon the neighborhood. As at the time I watched her clip then, she had about 800-1,000 worshippers but as it stands today, I do not know how many worshippers are still under her overpowering influence.

Malaika was born OLAYINKA OLADIPUPO (full names Olayinka Oladipupo Adefuye Ogunbo) and she said her mother, who was still alive around 2004/2005 (her father died long before that), was based at Oke Moni at Isiwo (Isiwo-Ijebu) in Ogun State. She was born in the same house in Mushin where she declared herself to be God.


As a young lady, she got married and had four kids, three of whom died.


Her ‘church’ has been described to look like the Cherubim and Seraphim. Her own church is named New Jerusalem Church and located around Alaafia Junction in Mushin, Lagos State. Its services are laced with fast-paced songs, members wearing colourful robes all singing the praises of the almighty and all-knowing Malaika Agba. Malaika Agba is still very much alive and is running her church with a strong grip on her followers and worshippers.


She has no doubt in her mind that she is God and this she makes very clear in her interview below with Kola Olawuyi:


Well, as I have said earlier on, she controlled about a thousand souls when I first read about her over a decade ago and I observed that her worshippers were always like in a trance especially during the church services. They were quite rowdy and had this thick air of psychosis around them. That is my own opinion anyway. In the clip below, see Malaika Agba’s worshippers during a service:

Malaika Agba’s worshippers have total faith in her powers. Some claim she gives children to the infertile or barren while others credit her for the various ‘miracles’ in their lives. That reminds me of Malaika Agba’s male counterpart, Jesus of Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom (read all about him HERE) and Jesu Oyingbo (read about him HERE).

This is how one of her former worshippers described her: Malaika Agba’s worshippers have total faith in her powers. Some claim she gives children to the infertile or barren while others credit her for the various ‘miracles’ in their lives. That reminds me of Malaika Agba’s male counterpart, Jesus of Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom (read all about him HERE) and Jesu Oyingbo (read about him HERE).

This is how one of her former worshippers described her:

Malaika agba sexmaniac confession to late Kola Olayuyi is real.She can’t do without sex for a week. At least as of when I was still in her in evil enclave called a church to deceive the public.Everyone in that dungeon called church from 1988 to 1999 knew she fears me than anybody because I knew almost all her spiritual escapades in the physical & spiritual realms. So when I say she needs sex to survive & retain her powers I know what am saying.After all I was a victim before she hurriedly ended the affair.Many evil are going on world wide through that woman spiritual abilities & wickedness. She is not a human being. It is not a secret. From 1988 that I knew her she had always said she was from a kingdom at the bottom of the thing most of us who had been to her church can’t deny is that Olayinka Oladipupo Adefuye Ogunbo (A. KA. malaika agba) is her bluntness about her spiritual self. She use to tell us repeatedly that her kingdom is at the bottom of the Lagos bar beach lagoon , She is still held fish & held human. She transformed to a human being & followed her grand mother who came to the beach to pray for her son’s wife to conceive. She followed her home & entered her mother’s womb. When she was given birth to, she was thrown away because she was not in a normal human form. She would trickishly complain to us that our glories had bad omen or something bad. etc therefore she can’t help us & we must leave her church. In panic many through our ignorance & her spiritual manipulations would cry out save us at all cost. Then her master plan had been achieved She would go on to say that the only way for us to have glory again is that she must take our glory & replace them with new glories. ,take our present destinies away & give us new destinies & take our soul or spirit or angel away & give better ones .Joyously we would agree thinking & boasting that we now have better glories , angels , lives & destinies .Not knowing we are giving our lives & glories to the devil. Now you know how she controls her church members lives. At this stage even angels can do very little since we voluntryly sold our lives to this demon whom Satan even fears . Am telling the fact through my spiritual monitoring of her which always tell people to warn me. That one day I shall not be able to wake up from . But JesusChrist ensured I always return to tell people some of what she in the spiritual realms. One of such is that she never bowed to satan & I know about 5 like her who claims equqlity with satanor even superiority. So if you have someone in that evil enclave called a church, please don’t be angry that all your efforts to get such out had not yielded positive results. Her grip on her members are too strong to be understood by mere words. However I pray that my lord Jesus Christ who took me there & brought me out again will save your family or friend from her church . In Jesu Christ name I pray .Amen

Funmilayo Shonibare like many is dead without the miracle child you promised many years ago while some are still waiting for theirs almost 30 years now. I know very soon you this evil woman Adeyinka Adefuye Oladipupo Ogunbo A.K.A malaika agba will meet the anger of the real creator ALMIGHTY GOD & HIS son Jesus Christ who saved from you on 30/8/1999. Mama OLUBANJO rest in peace

Those words above are from a former worshipper of Malaika Agba.


Actually, what really brought Malaika Agba to limelight was a criminal case. A 21-year-old girl named Bosede Olaniyi had died in Malaika’s home under very questionable circumstances. The girl was adopted by Malaika Agba when she was around 12 years of age.

Malaika Agba claimed she knew the mother of the child on a mountain where they prayed but did not really know of the father. She adopted the girl in 1997 and the girl was with her until around 2005 when she died all of a sudden and swiftly buried at the Matori Cemetery on the orders of Malaika Agba who said she was in a service when they called her and told her of Bose’s death.

  Malaika Agba would later confess that she used to do what she called ‘spiritual surgeries’ for her followers to ‘evacuate the dirt in their stomachs’. She had initially claimed that Bose died after complaining of malaria.

Following the outcry from the public, the corpse of the late Bose was exhumed few weeks after her burial and taken to the Military Hospital on Awolowo Road in Ikoyi where forensic pathologists said they notice an accumulation of bacteria around her heart and that under her elbow was a gaping hole of an injection.

Malaika Agba later stated that it is true that she used to inject her followers when it was time for the ‘spiritual surgery’. What she injected them with was not really established.


  Malaika Agba was arrested and detained at the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters in Panti, Lagos State where she made all her confessions. But at that moment, the case died out and she was freed due to her influence and clout.

Kola Olawuyi himself said he had to turn down the heat on the matter because if he pressed on with it, she would have been charged with murder and would most likely go to jail or even worse and that he did not want Nigerians to accuse him of being the one to orchestrate the jailing or execution of another person (you definitely get my point). So he let the case die a natural death and many people never heard of Malaika Agba again.

  Kola Olawuyi would later die and his very resourceful investigative journalism platform faded away. But my interest in the case never waned at any point as I always wondered what became of Malaika Agba and her horde of utterly subservient worshippers who bowed before her with unflinching surrender.

Her commands were followed without an atom of questioning, she had total control, and she still does. If you arrive late at her services, you will be flogged, if you talk to someone else while she is preaching, you will be flogged and if you make the mistake of dozing or sleeping off while she is giving her sermon, that will be extra dose of flogging for you.  


OLD AGE: Mailaka Agba at an older age.
  • Her nickname or appellation ‘Malaika Agba’ can be translated to mean ‘The Most Senior Angel’, ‘The Most Powerful Angel’ or ‘The Mysterious Angel’.
  • She loves music and her favourite musician is King Sunny Ade, the juju king.
  • She talks with a stammer.
  • Malaika Agba is addressed as ‘Baba’ meaning ‘The Father’, she claims to be a man and a woman all wrapped into one and you cannot enter her presence with your shoes on for her area has been declared ‘holy’. She claimed the name ‘Baba’ was given to her by some Islamic clerics (alfas) who ‘checked’ and did their research and knew that she was indeed, the real deal.
  • She has a small physique but all her followers bow before her.
  • Malaika Agba is widely feared, especially by those in her neighborhood. Some of those who lived on her street whom I interviewed are still terrified of her despite leaving the area over a decade ago. They told me of how Malaika Agba was fond of snatching the husbands of various women in the area. Although Malaika Agba claimed to be married as at the time Kola Olawuyi interviewed her, she made it clear she loves sex and cannot ignore it. She said she came to this world from her celestial abode to do faaji (enjoy). She is accused of buying men to have sex with her. A former worshipper said having sex constantly is one of the sources of her ‘power’.
  • Her ‘church’ has been described as a ‘den of death’ where worshippers die under very questionable circumstances but are hurriedly buried.
  • Malaika Agba said she decided to come ‘down’ to earth because the complaints lodged by human beings to her in heaven were just too much. Therefore, she decided to descend and see things for herself. Why she chose Nigeria is what I don’t get. What happened to South Sudan, Libya or Syria?

You can the full programme of Kola Olawuyi in which he featured Malaika Agba below:

NB: Because information is very scant on Malaika Agba, I have had to scrape all I can on her to come up with this piece. So I will say this is my preliminary piece on her. With time, I will keep updating this article until I have a full-fledged biographical piece on her so kindly stay in touch.



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