Machine Invented By UNIZIK Student That Can Convert Pure Water Nylon To Fuel

A just graduated student of  Chemical Engineering Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anthony Obikwelu, has stunned the science world after he developed and manufactured a machine that can convert plastic and other waste materials into fuel.

Below is the detailed inscription on what the machine is all about. He writes,

This machine produces petroleum based fuel (closely diesel) from thermal pyrolysis of waste plastics.

Pyrolysis is the process of heating organic material at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Since no oxygen is present, the organic material does not combust. Instead, the chemical compounds that make up the material decompose into combustible gases and char. The produced gases is condensed to give a liquid fuel.

Pyrolysis presents an opportunity to manufacture low- carbon liquid fuels and decrease the emissions of the industry. These fuels are also compatible with our existing transportation infrastructure which eliminates the need to introduce costly new infrastructure. Complete pyrolysis of organic matter usually leaves a solid residue that consists mostly of elemental carbon; the process is then called carbonization.

As we all know, Plastic goods and packaging and the inevitable plastic waste resulting from them are found all over the world. Plastic is a relatively cheap, durable and versatile material. However, as waste it constitutes a sizeable percentage of the litter we see every day in public places. It is also non-biodegradable; presents risks to human health and the environment; and some types are difficult to re-use and/or recycle. Almost 100 million tons per annum are produced every day. So the process of pyrolysis of plastics is attempted to reduce the waste plastics and to find a source for alternative fuel.

This is really quite an invention as it solves the problem of cost of mining oil. It would help reduce the emiison of harmful waste matters into the air which affects our ozone layer. It will prevent issues of oil spilliage and ocean pollution. It’ll also create direct and indirect employment as plastics and other waste materials would be sourced for, thereby creating an avenue through which people can earn a living.

Right now, the only hindrance to this machine is that it needs funding from the government, so it can be developed into a large scale model where millions of litres of oil can be produced daily. He can be contacted via email on or Facebook with the name Anthony Obikwelu.

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22 replies on “Machine Invented By UNIZIK Student That Can Convert Pure Water Nylon To Fuel”

Congrats. However. Please seek parenting for your product. Many products were stolen and further developed by others with the originator not receiving any recognition or compensation.

Hmmm ooboy shine your eye go and patent your invention the earlier the better as for Nigeria government forget them look for a yahoo boy strike a percentage deal like 40/60 innvestment and forever you will be grateful. A word is enough for the wise. Forget Nigeria government.

A very big achievement. Government should aid him. He has shown that the youth can be serious and useful. Let the government play its part.

9ice one . Nigerian has got talent. We can use our brain positively, the government should look for him and harness his talent.

I hope the world and in particular the main beneficiaries of oil and gas shall not be a barrier to this wonderful idea with unnecessary restrictions.

Good Brain. Develop the machine for high capacity production.
Never wait for the government to assist you otherwise the vision would suffer. Just look for funds to move ahead
God bless you more

Great job!
I regret to say it’s not at all a new invention; it’s been around for a while. In fact, a young secondary school leaver did the same thing in Onitsha last year.
Great job nontheless.

Plastic Pyrolysis has been dated as far back as 1998 (google it). He did an ok job by replicating it back in Nigeria. I hope he made proper Citations and References to the original invention in his thesis.
This product hasn’t found mass application because of heavy amount Of Carbon emission it emits.
This has Infact been an International issue of Recent( “global warming“ was the theme of 2019 UN congress hosted in September).
The publicity of this Indigenous Product Is actually sad in a way, i think it depicts how technologically/Educationally backwards Nigeria is. 1998 – -2020. God Help Us!!!

Nice job !! Nigeria indeed got talents!! Pls those that are in position should see that this invention does no go under the carpet

Great achievement, he needs to develop the process to a commercially viable venture and get himself occupied.
He needs no patent as pyrolysis is a well known chemical process not invented by him.

We all know this brilliant dream will die if this talented young man waits for government to assist him. Let him not worry though, I’m sure the next time we hear of him he will be fully engaged in one organisation in the western world

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