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GTBank Is Now Opening Unsolicited Bank Accounts For Unsuspecting Customers, Nigerian Raises Major Alarm

The latest trick now coming from the GTBank is that they are opening GTB accounts for people unawares.
It happened to me, and I am not happy…

Take my case for instance, I didn’t fill any GTB form whether at office or at home or anywhere, I have never dialled their *739# or whatever code which they shared on hand-fans to people, I didn’t even collect the hand-fan immediately I noticed it belonged to GTB.
I have never been to any of the GTB branches for anything for more than three years now, not even to pay into another person’s account, nor even to use their ATM., yet GTBank went ahead and created an account for me, and sent the account number to my phone, and requested that I supply my BVN to them.

I got alerted in my sixth-sense, that some scammers have remembered my phone number and wanted to scam me in the guise of GTB.. I laughed it off.
But on a second thought, I started wondering if the account number was scam, or whether it was actually real.
I decided to transfer money into it using my bank’s mobile app, so as to see the name that will come out on it.
Lo and behold, it was my name there on the account.. And it means that GTB already has my name and some other information about me in their database, even when I have practically nothing to do with them. 
That means, for real,, GTBank actually opened the account for me. But how did they get my name.?
I am really wondering how information about me got to them in the first place.
In fact, who are the people that breached their privacy policy and shared information about me, including my phone number to GTB?? How many other firms and groups and individuals (whether good or bad) had these same people shared information about me to apart from GTB? 
My fellow Nairalanders, believe me, I feel so unsecured and electronically raped right now at this very moment.
As it is now,, Whichever firm is it that sold (or shared, or gifted) information about unsuspecting innocent citizens of this country to GTB (and to any other unknown firms yet), had committed a grave atrocity by going against the privacy of their clients/customers.
Funny enough, it wasn’t only me they opened such accounts for. They did it to so many people, and a greater percentage of them had been ranting on their social media handles and timelines. Other people kept mute and ignored it altogether, thinking that it is nothing.
But to me, it is a big “Something”. I see something very huge and very very bad about it.
This just means that, very soon all the other banks and Insurance Firms and many other firms we know nothing about, both in Nigeria and beyond, would also get information about unsuspecting citizens from whichever sources that had decided not to protect the privacy of their trusted customers and clients, and then open unsolicited accounts in their names and forward the new account details to their phones, and start expecting them to come and be using the new accounts just like that.
That is not just Fair.
Something needs to be done about this, and it must be done quickly. 
Facebook commited a similar breach of privacy policy, and the penalty on Facebook for such an offence was really huge..

Source: tk4rd /NL

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