All You Need To Know About #GuardianAngels

What is a #GuardianAngel?

A #GuardianAngel is an Abiyamo Fan who volunteers to assist other Abiyamo Fan(s) usually after comments are made on #GuardianAngel posts on the Abiyamo Facebook page.

Who Can Be A #GuardianAngel?

Any Abiyamo Fan can be a #GuardianAngel.

What is the role of Abiyamo?
Abiyamo provides a platform for the #GuardianAngels and the Recipients to connect one-on-one. Help and assistance in all forms move directly from #GuardianAngels to the Recipients. Abiyamo is not involved in receiving any help or assistance on behalf of Recipients. #GuardianAngels are matched directly one-on-one with their Recipients. They discuss the details and provide feedback to Abiyamo which is then published on the page to update and encourage the audience.

How Do I Follow The #GuardianAngel Posts?

You can follow the #GuardianAngel Posts directly below or on the Abiyamo Facebook Page HERE

  1. Guardian Angel Offers Extra Baby Walker After Giving Out One Baby Walker & Two Baby Bouncers
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